Surveillance Services

Surveillance cameras are a great way to provide added security to your home or workplace.  Not only does a quality surveillance system gather footage of anything that may happen, it is also an excellent way to deter criminals.


Video surveillance in the workplace protects
both the company and its employees.


Business owners can record criminals who vandalize or steal company property and can also record employee theft, or other illegal situations.   When a criminal or employee sees a surveillance camera, they are less likely to commit a crime. If there is a crime committed, the images captured can help police with their investigation processes.


Video surveillance systems also protect employees.  If you have video cameras set up in parking lots, structures, or outside of the building, you can record any criminal activity live.  This live video feed will be directly connected to security officers who can insure the employees reach their vehicles safely.  Video cameras can also record any employee abuse or harassment which can also be used as evidence.  Having a quality surveillance system can monitor every person coming in and out of the building, and keep a record of any suspicious activity.


Protecting both the business and the employees is just one reason why businesses should have a quality surveillance system in the workplace. Surveillance cameras can also monitor productivity, determine job performance, and safety maintenance with employees and equipment.  Retail establishments can monitor what the customers do, clarifying any exchange between a customer and employee, theft, evidence of purchase, and so much more.



Our turnkey systems come with your choice of the following equipment and can be installed in homes, businesses, and government buildings and installations.

Internet view-able surveillance camera systems

Custom designs

PTZ Security Camera

Surveillance Monitors

Installs and repairs

Indoor/outdoor weather proof cameras

Text messages

Internet access

Smart phone/Tablet access

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